May 2021 Vintage Pack: For Science!

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Get ready to make reckless decisions in the name of learning – “For Science!” is our Vintage theme for May! 🔬⚗️🔭 Get ready to live out your most fervent Dr. Frankenstein dreams in sticker form:

🪐 Explore the universe in macro with black and white planetary stickers -- maximum aesthetic for maximum astronomy.

⚗️Any good scientist needs their implements, so we’re supplying you with these beauties. Anything with a microscope on it immediately looks 60% more science-y. (For example: this post 🔬)

👩‍🔬 Is there anything better than women in STEM? These scientists immortalized by @rachelbostickillustration in ornate frames are disseminating knowledge of the world around them in sticker and bookmark form.

🧪 Mundane daily notes suddenly become Serious Scientific Observations when written on the “In the Interests of Science” notepad. Is that a grocery list or supplies for your next experiment? (Or both!)

🧫 Finally, to put the finishing touches on any science-y masterpiece, coordinated washi stickers featuring microscope views, chemical formulas, skeletal
diagrams, and other motifs.

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Grab the Items in This Pack

Scientific Subjects science subjects label study sticker sheet

Scientific Subjects


Women Scientists science ladies scientist women female victorian sticer sheet

Women Scientists


For Science Mini Notepad in the interests of science memopad notepad note

For Science Mini Notepad


Vintage Science Labels brain thoughts ideas notes hourglass magnifying glass light bulb sticker sheet

Vintage Science Labels


Science Lab black white science scientist microscope instruments study series sticker sheet

Science Lab


Microscopic Seals microscope microscopic magnified science slides seal sticker sheet

Microscopic Seals


Customer Reviews

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I'm obsessed

My favorite pack so far, I love every one of these stickers

Samara Thomas
I love

This sticker set is absolutely amazing and I have put them all over my journal!!!