Hanami Stationery Collection

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STICKII's First Ever Stationery Collection - HANAMI (Cherry Blossom Viewing Party) with 10 STICKII exclusive stationery items (Including collaborations with @okashi_na_okashi@imaginstation, and @studioabsent).

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US Shipping: $9 USPS Priority / International Shiping: $16 with tracking

Weight: 29oz/ 1.8lb

Items Included:

  • Sakura & Matcha Plain Notebook with 120gsm Paper (Art by @okashi_na_okashi)

  • Cherry Blossom Shaker Gel Pen (black ink)

  • Sakura Ice Cream Cone Enamel Pin (Art by @imaginstation)

  • 5 Roll of Sakura Tapes (3washi+2pvc)

  • Special Edition Washi Tapes Traveler - Maki by @studioabsent

  • Cherry Petals Memo Holder Set (5 pieces)

  • 2 Large Sakura Bookmarks/ Paperclips

  • Sparkly Mini Photo Album with Golden Sakura Keychain

  • Under the Cherry Tree Sticker Sheets Organizer

  • 3 Super Cute Sticker Sheets (Paper + Washi + Jelly)

    Art by @okashi_na_okashi @imaginstation

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Under the Cherry Trees

Today is that warm spring day when the cherry blossoms bloom, and picnic blankets are spread, when bentos brimming with treats are shared, and the world is covered in petals.

This Hanami (flower viewing party) is exclusively for you, with love from STICKII.

Customer Reviews

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Under The Cherry Tree is simply beautiful

Every item in this kit was simply beautiful! I am using every item! Worth every penny!


Bought on a whim after seeing images shared online, but the pictures simply can't do this set justice.

Everything is so lovely and curated well, it both inspires and deserves to be admired in its own right.

I'm going to have many hours of joy with this.

Super Cute and Beautiful!

I got the collection on a whim and I'm so glad I did. It's absolutely beautiful - Almost to the point where you don't want to use anything because it's so pretty! The box is nice and sturdy and can be filled with more stickers, and the notebook and everything came packaged very nicely and clean. Honestly, I would buy this again! It's that good!

Such a wonderful collection

So, when I first ordered this. I was rather a bit hesitant due to the price. But, once I ordered this collection. Everything arrived rather quickly than expected. The theme is Sakura or Cherry Blossoms. However, it’s a unique set for Matcha fans as well. Everything is well collaborated and thought well through. I love the washi tape/holder. I love the pen, notebook, stickers, sticker holder and pin. I also love the other items I did not mention. I am still surprised the notebook is not lined, dotted or grid. It’s just plain. It’s perfect for being a universal journal. The binding is unique too. Definitely a wonderful buy. Thank you for creating this with other content creators. Everyone did a lovely job!


Put a smile on my face to open it. Everything was beautiful and cute, and I can't wait to see another stationary set come out so I can buy that one too.