April 2021 Vintage Pack: The Mushroom Forest

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This pack is stuffed with mushrooms including the whimsical creature creations of @marikapaz in a sheet and memopad, two sheets of forest lovelies from @lamblittle 🦊, delicate mushroom terrariums, and a cozy little mushroom house stamp πŸ„πŸ  plus surprises!

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Grab the Items in This Pack

Mushroom Stamps mushroom stamps sticker sheet

Mushroom Stamps


Assorted Mushrooms mushroom nature plant forest sticker sheet

Assorted Mushrooms


Mushroom House Stamp mushroom house forest stamp

Mushroom House Stamp


Mushroom Washi Strips Mushroom Washi Strips

Mushroom Washi Strips


Customer Reviews

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Charity T

I've ordered three:) I am a huge fan of Stickii Club stickers and I thought this was one of the best packs they curated. I love mushrooms and I have a lot of friends who do as well and it was so much fun to share. The stickers are very nice quality!