Step 1: Who we are and all about STICKII subscriptions

What is STICKII?

STICKII is a monthly sticker subscription that recognizes everyone has different styles and wants to honor that. We created three different but equally amazing subscription styles with Cute, Retro, and Pop. What makes STICKII unique is not only can you sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 styles but you have the ability to change styles!

What are the Cute/ Retro/ Pop styles?

Cute Pack

More cuteness than you ever thought could be stuffed in one package! This is for all those that love things super kawaii. Only choose this if you’re cool with squealing uncontrollably.

Retro Pack

From the softer side of the provincial life to Victoriana to nature, this pack is for those who love things a bit more on the vintage side. Each pack of stickers are more like tiny works of art.

Pop Pack

Quirky. Offbeat. But always fun. March to the beat of a different drum? Don’t have a drum? These stickers are for you – those that want something unique and apart from the norm but still very cool.

How does it work?

Every month, subscribers receive a spoiler email that gives them a little preview of what’s in each of the three packs. So if you signed up for Cute, but one month you like the theme for the Retro pack that you see in the spoiler, just switch by logging into your account before the deadline. We’re all about our subscribers and want to ensure every package they get from us is truly happy mail.

What's in each monthly STICKII pack?

Our packs offer a mix of sourced items and exclusive items available only from us. It can range from art by us, to working with other talented indie artists, or turning beautiful rare vintage pieces into amazing sticker and stationery treasures featured in our packs. Each month is themed differently with stickers that will be cohesive to the theme and style. We also provide a STICKII Storage (4 pockets) to keep all of your goodies together (we’ve had people tell us it’s the best way they’ve ever found to organize their stickers)


Step 2: Choose which pack below you’d like to receive (for free!)

Cute Pack Selections:

It’s So Fluffy

Hamster Cafe

Slumber Party

Retro Pack Selections:

Vintage Japanese

Love Letters

All That Glitters

Pop Pack Selections:

Shape of Dreams

Entertain Me

Midnight Nonsense


Step 3: Just reply to us with your selection, name, and mailing address and you’re all set – thank you for your time and interest in STICKII!