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STICKII (sticker+kawaii) Club is a monthly sticker subscription for sticker and stationery lovers all over the world! STICKII Club was founded on the principle that everyone has their own unique style so we offer three style options to choose from. Cute is our pastel and kawaii style, Retro is more soft and vintage, and Pop is bold and quirky. Every month we carefully curate and theme each style so the pack of stickers and stationery has harmony and is cohesive. From sourced brands, to our own designs, to featuring amazing independent artists, STICKII packs are a unique blend that you will not find anywhere else!
The founder of STICKII – Rita Jiang grew up in Asia surrounded by stickers and stationery and always had a dream of opening up a stationery store since she was a little girl. Three years ago, she gained her design degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where she advanced her technical skills that enabled her to start adventures in the stationery world. Today STICKII Club is a growing worldwide sticker subscription club that is proudly owned and operated by women.

What makes Stickii different than other stickers?

STICKII stickers combine many aspects of innovation and artistry. From the concept to design to the material selected for each sheet. STICKII strives to break the traditional idea that stickers are just for children. Our stickers are enjoyed by a majority of creative young adults. We are proud of our use of diversified material, such as our ultra-thin Washi Paper stickers (which are very popular among journal users). STICKII is dedicated to finding everyone stickers they love. Our stickers are like little works of art, they are delicate and will be greatly appreciated. From cute animal stickers to vintage Victorian ones, everything is designed with a keen artistic eye and focus on detail – which you can’t easily find on the market. We use licensed art as well as create our own and also have licensing deals with museums to turn their vintage collections (such as Victorian ephemera) into sticker form that can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • STICKII Club is a worldwide sticker subscription that delivers sticker happy mail to sticker and stationery lovers. 
  • It’s personalized – 3 very different styles (Cute, Retro, and Pop) for subscribers to choose from.
  • Each pack has a monthly theme.
  • Each pack contains: 6+ sticker sheets, 1 sticker flakes bag, 1 paper clip, 1 stationery item (such as but not limited to paperclips, notepads, postcards, embroidery sticker patches, and mini letter sets), and 1 STICKII storage.
  • We have museum licensing deals, our biggest one right now is with Winterthur Museum (they own the world’s largest collection of Victorian Ephemera/illustrations)
  • Artists Collaborations to let a wider audience get to know more independent artists. Visit our artists page to learn about who we have collaborated with.
  • A sticker subscription is almost always a perfect gift idea – A gift that keeps giving.
  • We also have a sticker and stationery marketplace aside from the subscription service. You can purchase from a huge variety of stickers as well as lots of STICKII exclusives including unique sticker storage solutions (such as sleeves and binders) that we created ourselves to complement our stickers because organization can be stylish too.