July 2020 Cute Pack: Living Kawaii


This pack is all about every day adorable living and features two super cute sheets 🦄 from @mikolu_drawthings along with handy (but so super cute) chore flake cards 📝, the most darling STICKII notepad for your to-do list 🐻, and of course stickers that run the gamut of emotions and activities (Including more time in the kitchen – banana bread anyone? 😉🍞)

Please note: This pack comes with ten total items, not all are pictured here to preserve an element of surprise like in the subscription.

These items from this pack are available on their own in the shop:

Cat Chores
Cutie Chefs
Monthly Tamagotchi
Everyday Hedgehogs
Fun Fridge
Unlikely Besties Set
Chore Checklist Flakes

Photo credit: @motherdaughterplanning

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