July 2020 Retro Pack: Merry Unbirthday


Did you know it’s your Unbirthday today? Ours too! To celebrate we’re bringing back a whole new set of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland 😉 We created some amazing designs with Wonderland spoons 🥄, a bookmark 🔖, a new Alice sheet, some curious words 💬, an Alice memopad, jelly playing cards 🃏 and so much more!

Please note: This pack comes with ten total items, not all are pictured here to preserve an element of surprise like in the subscription.

These items from this pack are available on their own in the shop:

Epoxy Playing Cards
Tea Party Essentials
Wonderland Fun
Tea Party Seals
Curious Quotes
Wonderland Spoons
Fantastical Guests
Alice Bookmark
Through the Looking Glass Decals
Vintage Alice Notepad

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