April 2020 Vintage Pack: Bon Appetit

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The perfect pack to spruce up a recipe book or tackle some new ones you’ve been wanting to try – this pack comes with (of course) delicious food stickers, a sheet of vintage food vocab, a STICKII apron notepad, Bon Appetit bookmark and so much more!

Please note: This pack comes with ten total items, not all are pictured here to preserve an element of surprise like in the subscription.

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Customer Reviews

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Ok, so these are my favorites

I love everything about this pack- the notes are amazing as background on my spreads and the washi just makes me so happy

Ruby Knickerbocker
So cute!

Even though the older packs cost a little more than the subscription ones, they’re still a steal! High quality stickers that I would probably have to pay $10 a sheet for at my local craft store.

Cindy H.
If you love food and vintage vibes, this is for you!

This pack takes me back to the 1950s, cooking and baking in my adorable pastel-colored kitchen. I loved Bewitched and I Love Lucy growing up and this pack is just full of that era’s nostalgia!

My only complaint was that the pack was not carefully put in the envelope and the sleeve and sheets were bent.

Great pack

I really enjoyed this sticker pack, everything went well together and there was good variety. I do wish the bookmark had been something else, that’s pretty useless. The quality of the organizer this pack came in was very low though, not like recent packs I purchased or like the empty organizer pages I received. This organizer was very thin and wrinkled, I had to switch it out for a different one I recently bought.

Maureen Hall
Bon Appetit sticker pack

In your e-mail you stated this was my most recent order, but it is not. I ordered and received this some time ago. Regardless, I loved this pack. I love most all your products. However, I do have a couple complaints. I ordered and received the Alice in Wonderland Pack a few weeks ago. When it came the mailing envelope had never been sealed shut at all. A few items had fallen out and were missing.I think all the sticker sheets were there, but smaller items were absent. I was especially sad the Alice ' picture frames' were missing.😢 You need to make sure to seal the shipping envelopes!! This is not the first time this has happened! The other complaint I have is about the vintage Halloween sticker pack I received. When you displayed the picture of this pack, you did not display the sticker sheet of oujiou (spelling?) boards. If you had shown it, I would NOT have ordered that pack. I believe them to be very dangerous and not something I would ever consider harmless or fun. A lot of stickers in that pack went in the garbage. That was my first pack and I was so sad. Oh well. Live and learn. I loved last month's travel pack. Your stickers are very high quality and I have loved everything else I have ordered and received from you.