February 2021 Pop Pack: Twisted Nature

Only 77 left!
This pack features the vibrant art of @royalghostmarch in a lovely sheet and memopad, ornate serpentine stamps 🐍, delicately jarred critters 🦋, a sticker patch with an intimidating feline gaze 😼 and a few more surprises! 

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Grab the Items in This Pack

Mushroom Forest Notepad mushroom star tree notepad

Mushroom Forest Notepad


Golden Insect Jars bug insect jar gold sticker sheet

Golden Insect Jars


Serpent Stamps snakes stamp sticker sheet

Serpent Stamps


Desert Bloom desert skull cactus floral sticker sheet

Desert Bloom


Holo Foliage Washi Strips plant pattern washi strip holo

Holo Foliage Washi Strips


Beloved Beauties animal floral purple sticker sheet

Beloved Beauties


Twisted Cartoons anime girl red cartoon illustration sticker sheet

Twisted Cartoons


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Twisted and charming

It is a intresting choices on how it is curated. The washi tape has a holographic details in the lighter parts of the design. Desert Bloom in particular is my top favorite, besides being printed on a clear backing, the colors compliment vintage athstetic too, with hints of gold sprinkled on the sheet.
Golden Insect Jars is very gorgeous in my opinion. Completely in a gold mitalic design, and also completed vintage athstetic.
Twisted Cartoons is very fun. The bold graphics are cute, and the color pallet is unique in how it is paired. There are also hints of a mitalic on the sticker sheet and the stickers are solid.
The Serpent stamps are really cute, i love the various color combinations that help tie some of the other stickers together.
Mushroom forest and Beloved Beauties have beautiful colors in them. The Beloved Beauties are a solid sticker, with a white edge around the designs. The art is stunning, and some subjects are a bit morbid.
Their is also a cute sticker sheet of various unique plants. In about a medium in transparency on clear backing. The whole pack is fun and unusual. It gives a good amount of options for color range.

Ashlie McNulty

The colors are awesome. I actually bought an extra jar page and washi strip page. Love!

Erika T

What an amazing pack! I’m only sorry I didn’t join the club sooner 💚