January 2020 Vintage Pack: The Ball

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With the New Year here, we had to throw a party! Put on a mask, grab your dancing shoes, come to the manor, eat some dinner, and listen to the music during a magical night!

Please note: This pack comes with ten total items, not all are pictured here to preserve an element of surprise like in the subscription.


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Butterfly Ball butterfly opera music masquerade ball sticker sheet

Butterfly Ball


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The Ball

These stickers give me a big Phantom of the Opera vibe, and it's great! The colors flow into each other like how dancing the waltz looks like.


The whole pack is wonderful. I adore the plate set for collecting and debating on useing them to decorate a doll room or shadow box. The Butterfly Ball sticker sheet is also a top favorite in the pack. The butterflies have a beautiful mitalic blue that compliments the whole design. The stamp shaped stickers in this one are on the dark scale but i love how charminv they are with a hint of mitalic in the mask and stamp detail. The flakes are in colors of white, black, and red with gold metallic accents on most. I think the designs will be great to compliment into various 1900 era's of diffrent fashions. The window sticky notes are a personal favorite with the chandeliers. I love the lavender color pallet used for the window design and it has a hint of a copper mitalic details in the curtain rod, three decorative circles, and the fringe ties. Very ideal for multiple uses since it is a descent stack and i would just say to be cautious on squick removal because the corners of the curtain rod might rip but a easy fix or trim down if that happens.