May 2021 Pop Pack: In My Element

Only 710 left!
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. “In My Element” is the Pop theme for May! 💧🌍🔥🌬(Please leave your best Avatar: The Last Airbender jokes in the comments.) Here’s your sneak peek:

🌱 All four elements get a chance from @maruti_bitamin with sheets dedicated to water, fire, earth, and air with their own distinct flair.

🌊 Bright blue ocean waves and sea creatures from are playful and fun, especially those wave cats! Plus an additional stamp of a envelope full of ocean waves – if only it was that easy to send the beach to your

☄️ A notepad from @lele_melele starring an eight-legged tiger and the world’s happiest fireball.

Grab the Items in This Pack

With the Wind fantasy girl butterfly butterflies moth air blue sticker sheet

With the Wind


With the Waves water girl comic strip sea ocean sticker sheet

With the Waves


One With Nature girl earth leaf nature plants green leaves sticker sheet

One With Nature


Fire & Water fire water element snake dragon monkey bubbles sticker sheet

Fire & Water


On Fire angel demon wings fire blue red bird fish sticker sheet

On Fire


Sea Mail Stamp envelope letter mail stamp waves sea water ocean

Sea Mail Stamp


Seedling Paperclips leaf paperclips green

Seedling Paperclips


Fiery Notepad fire ring flaming flame tiger ring notepad memopad

Fiery Notepad


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great as always!

I really dig the funky design of these stickers! This package was off beat and I always love that kind of stuff. Really enjoying all the projects I am doing with them.

alanna zaritz
so impressed!

i am charmed with the incredible attention to detail. stickii put together the cutest package of stickers, a fancy paperclip, notepad, all in a great little organizer. honestly i was knocked out. and every sticker is so darling! i am definitely telling my friends about y'all because wow.

Super Cute

Love this pack! Its a bit out of my comfort zone but it was so lovely I couldn't resist!

new discoveries!

I thought the theme was soooo cute, and I was especially excited to see one of my favorite artists - maruti-bitamin! However, the excitement didn't stop there; though I hadn't heard of the other artists on this kit, I was very pleased to receive their designs. Looking forward to possible future collaborations between them and STICKII CLUB!

Great for the summer~

This pack is perfect for this hot summer journaling. Cute red dragon for heat and dark cool water theme for coolness, looks really good.