Tiny Works of Art, Big Talent

STICKII loves Indie Artists

We crush hard on artists’ original creations and turn them into exclusive, limited-run designs to champion their work. In the hands of sticker lovers everywhere, these unique little masterpieces are valued and celebrated as the rare art gems they truly are. Whether they’re collected by the sheet or used on someone’s personal items, each sticker becomes part of someone’s creative story. We think that’s pretty amazing.

How it works

Sometimes we come across art we love so much, we just have to see it in sticker form. Sometimes artists and illustrators reach out to us about collaborating. No matter how it happens, artist collabs are always magic. Together, we create designs around a theme and feature them as part of our monthly packs.

Why indie artists?

We are endlessly inspired by artists and illustrators around the world. When we discover a new-to-us talent, we can’t resist sharing it with as many people as possible. We want others to experience the joy of finding a new, beautiful thing to love. We want our artists to feel connected to new people. Stickers make it all possible.

Working with Stickii

Our in-house collabs support indie makers by paying them for their work and sharing it widely. Depending on the month’s theme and the artist’s availability, we create limited amounts of stickers using their designs. Any extra sheets are either given back to the artists or sold in our shop. 10% of those sales are donated to art-focused youth charities to support and nurture the artists of tomorrow.

Meet the Artists

Here are the many incredible artists we’ve worked with for STICKII subscription packs. We feel so lucky to bring their art to you!

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Featured Pack: June 2017 Cute Pack “Sea Life”

Henry Hsu is based in Los Angeles, and you will most likely catch him doodling new ideas in a coffee shop on weekends!


Featured Pack: October 2020 Pop Pack “Celestial!”

Camille Fourcade is a young illustrator working from Rezé, France.


Featured Pack: October 2020 Cute Pack “Secret Garden!”

Nicole Gustafsson works as a full time illustrator, specializing in traditional media paintings featuring everything from woodland characters and environments, to pop culture based projects.


Featured Pack: September 2020 Pop Pack “After”

Mary Jhun is a Surrealist painter and refers to her work as “emotional self portraits of a day remembered.”


Featured Pack: September 2020 Retro Pack “The Other Side”

From San Francisco, Mary Syring is inspired by European folklore and history.


Featured Pack: September 2020 Cute Pack “Trick or Treat”

Auri is a freelance illustrator and artist living and creating near Nuremberg, Germany. Nature, wonder and magic is something they want to express through their artworks.


Featured Pack: August 2020 Pop Pack “Dark Rainbow” April 2021 Pop Pack "Loading..."

A self-taught digital illustrator and animator based in Los Angeles, Ronald Kuang has a love of fantasy artwork, video games, and a crippling addiction to milk tea.


Featured Pack: August 2020 Retro Pack “The Naturalist” 

Nature is an integral part of Tracy Lewis’ life and art. The metamorphosis of seasons and the cycles of life and death are reoccurring elements.


Featured Pack: August 2020 Cute Pack “Bird Cafe”

With a passion for all things kawaii, Precious Bbyz promotes friendship, fun, and community through their original mascot characters and illustration.


Featured Pack: July 2020 Cute Pack “Living Kawaii”

Mikolu Squad is an illustration brand with “home” as their main theme.


Featured Pack: July 2020 Pop Pack “Elemental”

Ashiya Kisa is a freelance illustrator/graphic designer. Her preferred medium is watercolor and posts most of her work on Instagram and Youtube. 


Featured Pack: June 2020 Pop Pack “Master Builder”

Liya is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Germany. She likes to incorporate Japanese culture and her own childhood into her art.


Featured Pack: June 2020 Cute Pack “Cheery Woods”

Jessica is an Australian self taught illustrator based in Sydney who uses traditional and digital mediums to express her thoughts and dreams.


Featured Pack: May 2020 Pop Pack “Hangry!”

Le delicatessen is an illustrator and comic book artist from Malaysia and creates original artwork and merchandise inspired by food.


Featured Pack: May 2020 Cute Pack “Under the Sea”

Sila is a self taught artist and freelancer from Austria. 


Featured Pack: April 2020 Pop Pack “Tokyo Nights”

Naoshi is a Los Angeles based artist from Japan. She uses colorful sand to create surreal people in fantastical or real world settings.


Featured Pack: April 2020 Cute Pack “I ❤️ Stationery”

Sara Kajba is a part time illustrator from Slovenia.


Featured Pack: March 2020 Retro Pack “Once Upon a Time”

Erica Williams is known for intricate mark-making and illustrations of flora and fauna, as well as custom typography and screen printed posters.


Featured Pack: February 2020 Cute Pack “Mono-Cute-Matic”

Léa Charbonnier is a freelance traditional watercolor artist from France.


Featured Pack: January 2020 Pop Pack “Mystical Mysteries”

Angelika is a talented German illustrator who creates original watercolor work.


Featured Pack: January 2020 Cute Pack “Lovely Picnic”

Trix Yong designs cute illustrations and pins inspired by her love of cats.


Featured Pack: December 2019 Pop Pack “Me Time”

Papershire is a family of stationery lovers from England. The designer, Zenny, creates unique hand drawn doodles and character stickers.


Featured Pack: December 2019 Cute Pack “Moonbun”

Justin is a talented illustrator who currently lives and designs in Toronto, Canada.


Featured Pack: November 2019 Pop Pack “Pastel Goth”

Melody Wang studied illustration, advertisement design and won awards with Skill USA in Advertisement.


Featured Pack: October 2019 Cute Pack “Good Morning” March 2020 Cute Pack “Neko Digital” July 2020 Cute Pack "Living Kawaii" October 2020 Cute Pack "Secret Garden" May 2021 Cute Pack "Cat Café"

Kat is an LA based artist bringing you illustrations of primarily cats. A lot of her inspiration comes from her pets.


Featured Pack: September 2019 Pop Pack “Living Wild”

CP is an artist who loves nostalgia and loves to doodle. CP is a smol creature who draws Original stuff, heroes and spies.


Featured Pack: August 2019 Pop Pack “At the Cafe” March 2021 Vintage Pack "Lavender & Honey"

Kawaiibroccolii enjoys food, bulletjournaling, and creating beautiful works of art.


Featured Pack: June 2019 Cute Pack “Magic Forest”

Stella doodles adorable happiness in may different forms.


Featured Pack: April 2019 Cute Pack “All the Doggos”

Corgiyolk is a wholesome comic about a corgi adventures to spread positivity with his friends.


Featured Pack: June 2019 Pop Pack “Secret Menu”

It is Everest Strayer-Wong's hope that in evoking feelings of hope, it might make things a little lighter for others.


Featured Pack: December 2018 Cute Pack “Country Livin'” August 2019 Retro Pack “Alice in Wonderland” May 2020 Cute Pack "Under the Sea" August 2020 Pop Pack "Dark Rainbow" December 2020 Pop Pack "Coffee Now"

Sophie Wu is a talented illustrator who currently lives and designs in London.


Featured Pack: September 2018 Cute Pack “Autumn Mornings”

Alex Lee is an illustrator and comic artist. When he’s not drawing comic pages, he likes to paint whimsical cartoons in watercolor.


Featured Pack: November 2018 Retro Pack “Winter Wonderland”

Sarah Hanna is a third generation artist with a background in the visual and culinary arts. 


Featured Pack: May 2018 Pop Pack “Skulls and Flowers” September 2020 Retro Pack "The Other Side"

Clare taught herself hand embroidery and once her skills were up to scratch, started producing display hoops that expressed her various passions.


Featured Pack: May 2018 Pop Pack “Skulls and Flowers”

From Characteristic Symbols of Mexican Culture and Heritage, to a cool, colorful and unique style. Lourdes Villagomez has a positive vision and a deep love for her roots.


Featured Pack: March 2018 Cute Pack “Cherry Blossom Festival” March 2018 Retro Pack “Gothic Literature” March 2018 Pop Pack “Gamers Rule!”

Natalie Avalos creates handlettering for brands all over the world. You can find her trying to book a flight to another corner of the world or just gettin’ down on some hot cheetos.


Featured Pack: Feb 2018 Pop “Into the Wild”

Kev is anything but posting original characters that animate his youthful adventures!


Featured Pack: December 2017 Cute Pack “Year of the Dog”

Janice’s special childhood Chicken plush inspired her to design and make cute things that would bring joy and comfort to everyone, just like chicken did to her!


Featured Pack: October 2017 Cute “Living in Imagination” January 2018 Cute “Bunny Burrow” March 2019 Cute “Yummy in My Tummy” February 2021 Cute "Starry Night" April 2021 Cute "Story Time"

Jenni is a Australian kawaii Illustrator/Designer whose adorable designs bring happiness worldwide.


Featured Pack: August 2017 Cute Pack “Alpaca <3 Dino”

Vernice’s immense love for alpacas and the lack of unique alpaca merchandise has called for the need to create her own.


Featured Pack: July 2017 Cute Pack “Kawaii Food”

Betty Turbo earned a BFA in photography from RIT, and after letterpress heaven and a stint as a professional cake decorator, now focuses full-time on art shenanigans.


Featured Pack: November 2020 Cute Pack "Jingle All the Way"

Elda is an illustrator based in San Jose, California. When she’s not creating art, she can be found snuggling her poodle mix named Wifi!


Featured Pack: November 2020 Pop Pack "Me Time II"

Sai finds inspiration in the mundane of everyday life and hopes to create things that make your day a little better.


Featured Pack: November 2020 Vintage Pack "Let it Snow"

Carolina Parada is an illustrator and developmental biologist based in Paris. She draws to tell stories.


Featured Pack: December 2020 Cute Pack "Dog House"

Vancouver based graphic designer, Euge Leung, hopes to make people go “Awww” and bring a smile to their faces with this lil fatty's adventures!


Featured Pack: December 2020 Vintage Pack "The Carnival"

Based out of a small art studio in Chicago, Illinois, AK Kidd works with ceramics, illustration, and needle felting.


Featured Pack: July 2020 Pop Pack "Elemental" August 2020 Pop Pack "Dark Rainbow" December 2020 Pop Pack "Coffee Now"

Grace Yip likes to draw a create using ink and watercolors.


Featured Pack: August 2020 Pop Pack "Dark Rainbow" November 2020 Cute Pack "Jingle All the Way" April 2021 Pop Pack "Loading..."

Based in California, Jess Thomas enjoys drawing backgrounds, characters, and nerdy nostalgia.


Featured Pack: January 2021 Cute Pack "Kawaii Chill"

Based in New Zealand, Jessica Zhao loves imagining whimsical and dreamy creatures using watercolor and gauche.


Featured Pack: January 2021 Vintage Pack "Sunday Afternoon"

Jessica Roux is a freelance illustrator and plant and animal enthusiast.


Featured Pack: January 2021 Pop Pack "Love Bites"

Based in Italy, Lolle is an illustrator, crafter, and cat lady.


Featured Pack: January 2021 Cute Pack "Kawaii Chilll" March 2021 Cute Pack "Pink & Mint"

Yuyu is an illustrator based in Malaysia who enjoys using mixed media from watercolors to digital illustration.


Featured Pack: January 2021 Cute Pack "Kawaii Chill" February 2021 Cute Pack "Starry Night" March 2021 Cute Pack "Pink & Mint" April 2021 Cute Pack "Story Time" May 2021 Cute Pack "Cat Café" June 2021 Cute Pack "Cutie Fruitie"

Based in Hong Kong, Imaginstation creates artwork to please anyone who enjoys penguins and desserts.


Featured Pack: January 2021 Cute Pack "Kawaii Chill"

Based in Taiwan, Yuhuirustudio gets inspiration from furry friends and woodland creatures.


Featured Pack: April 2020 Pop Pack "Tokyo Nights"

Based in California, Ellen Wong is an illustrator and streamer of shenanigans.


Featured Pack: October 2020 Cute Pack "Secret Garden" December 2020 Cute Pack "Dog House"

Based in Malaysia, Bluebean is an illustrator who loves creatures with tiny paws.


Featured Pack: December 2020 Pop Pack "Coffee Now" February 2021 Pop Pack "Twisted Nature" April 2021 Pop "Loading..."

Winnie Liu is an illustrator, designer and pink enthusiast.


Featured Pack: June 2020 Cute Pack "Cheery Woods" August 2020 Cute Pack "Bird Cafe"

Based in Indonesia, Nao has a huge interest in food illustrations and fan art.


Featured Pack: February 2021 Cute Pack "Starry Night"

Jayme's goal is to explore the cozy, dreamy and calming side of life with you in hopes to comfort you a lil bit during rough days~


Featured Pack: February 2021 Vintage Pack "By the Lantern Light"

Nikolaos Kafasis is inspired by nature, anime, fantasy books, video games, ancient Greek and Asian culture, and mythology.


Featured Pack: February 2021 Vintage Pack "By the Lantern Light"

Ameruu is a sketcher, a stationery lover, a general artist and a lover of good arts & foods.


Featured Pack: February 2021 Pop Pack "Twisted Nature"

Niky Motekallem is an Iranian-American illustrator who depicts flora and fauna in various states of decay.


Featured Pack: March 2021 Cute Pack "Pink & Mint"

AJ is an aspiring independent artist who loves creating cute and therapeutic illustrations with twists of whimsical elements and aesthetic.


Featured Pack: March 2021 Vintage Pack "Lavender & Honey"

Claire Chi is a Canadian living in the Netherlands. She loves all things handmade and watercolors.


Featured Pack: March 2021 Pop Pack "Light & Shadow"

Suri is a German artist who specializes in digital and mixed media art.


Featured Pack: March 2021 Cute Pack "Pink & Mint" May 2021 Cute Pack "Cat Café"

Based in Japan, Nao started off as a freelance illustrator and now works with character design and collaborations.


Featured Pack: April 2021 Cute Pack "Story Time"

Skyee works as an animator and enjoys drawing cute characters including animals and food.


Featured Pack: April 2021 Cute Pack "Story Time"

Rachel Reichenbach is a college student, the owner and artist behind Rainylune , and a full time supreme frog overlord.


Featured Pack: April 2021 Vintage "The Mushroom Forest"

A self taught artist and illustrator, Marika Paz's art explores the relationships of animals, humans, and nature.


Featured Pack: April 2021 "The Mushroom Forest"

From Ireland, Jane Carkill works with illustration, textile, and design.


Featured Pack: April 2021 Pop Pack "Loading..."

YiNa Wang's work is inspired by Japanese Culture and influenced by scenery, food, landmarks and pop culture.


Featured Pack: February 2021 Cute Pack "Starry Night" April 2021 Cute Pack "Story Time"

Mandie Kuo is a published illustrator based in Taipei, Taiwan. Her work focuses on creating harmonious imagery by combining illustration and lettering.


Featured Pack: May 2021 Cute Pack "Cat Café"

Leenh is an illustrator and graphic designer who loves making small merch to make people happy.


Featured Pack: May 2021 Vintage Pack "For Science!"

Rachel Bostick is an illustrator based in Austin, Texas. Her work takes inspiration from fantastical folklore, haunting historical tales, and old-world beauty.


Featured Pack: May 2021 Pop Pack "In My Element"

Margot Tissot is an illustrator from Lausanne. Her style takes on surrealism, Ukiyo-e and art nouveau.


Featured Pack: May 2021 Pop Pack "In My Element"

Alan Vázquez is a Mexican artist and illustrator who loves to draw little stories and fairy tales.


Featured Pack: May 2021 Pop Pack "In My Element"

Maru is an illustrator based in Toronto who uses watercolors and ink to create their art.


Featured Pack: May 2021 Cute Pack "Cat Café"

Elena draws BanBan the Bunny and other cuties. She loves to draw cute, dreamy and relaxing illustrations mixed with food.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Cute Pack "Cutie Fruitie"

Lae specializes in digital and aryclic/Posca paint pen illustrations. She enjoys using bright colors and soft line work.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Cute Pack "Cutie Fruitie"

Sherry is an illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. She enjoys drawing cute girls in a dreamy world.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Cute Pack "Cutie Fruitie"

Patatoni is a freelance illustrator based in Italy. Her art is frequently inspired by Japan's kawaii culture.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Vintage Pack "Deep Blue Sea"

Patricia Muriel is based in Extremadura. She uses watercolor and enjoys painting sea animals, particularly whales.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Vintage Pack "Deep Blue Sea"

Jessica Benhar creates illustrations using a combination of digital and traditional linocut printmaking techniques.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Vintage Pack "Deep Blue Sea"

Gigi Chong is a traditional artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She loves to draw girls with skulls, animals, and flowers!


Featured Pack: June 2021 Pop Pack "Bakecraft"

Nene Perez is an artist based in Canada and enjoys drawing girls in pastel tones.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Pop Pack "Bakecraft"

Coco Glez enjoys telling stories about the hidden magic in daily life through her watercolor paintings.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Pop Pack "Bakecraft"

Mumechii enjoys drawing food illustrations that will make you hungry.


Featured Pack: June 2021 Pop Pack "Bakecraft"

Erin Wallace's work floats between the cute and whimsical, with notes of flowers and food and rainbows (amongst other things).


Featured Pack:  June 2020 Retro Pack “Set Sail” June 2021 Pop Pack "Bakecraft"

Cherri is an illustrator based in Australia. She loves rainy days, coffee, cats, and hoarding cute stationery.