July 2021 Pop Pack: Plants & Noods

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😼 Cat-girl ramen monsters. If that doesn’t make you want this pack? Nothing will. @cellsdividing giving us absolutely everything we ever wanted.

🌵 When it’s not enough to have plants a ramen, you need to BECOME the plants and ramen. @naoshisunae ‘s surreal girls are sublime.

🍳 Are these sentient noodles from @yanyancandyng keeping their own houseplants? If so, they’re doing better than we do.

🐰 We really want to live in @niniwanted ‘s world of animal florists and ramen shop owners, don’t you?

🐟 The serenity radiating off @rebeccaterborg_illustration ‘s cool girls eating ramen, surrounded by lyrical plants is *astronomical*.

🍜 This month’s stamp is of the only kind of noods we feel good about sending you. 😂

Grab the Items in This Pack

Plants & Noodles noodles ramen food soup plants potted planter leaf chopstickers sticker sheet

Plants & Noodles


Green Storefronts shops shopping buildings japan plants stores sticker sheet

Green Storefronts


Ramen Stamp ramen noodle soup egg chopsticks japan stamp

Ramen Stamp


Ramen Monsters noodle ramen soup japan japanese cat eye eyes monsters girl girls women chopstick sticker sheet

Ramen Monsters


Zen Ramen ramen noodle soup tea girl women pastel japan koi plants nature sticker sheet

Zen Ramen


Delicious Ramen Decals ramen noodles food soup bowl chosticks asian japanese sticker decals

Delicious Ramen Decals


Botanical Tabs leaf plant nature pattern tabs bookmark page pastel sticker sheet

Botanical Tabs


Succulent Girls girl cactus succulent noodles ramen soup plant nature sticker sheet

Succulent Girls


Garden of Yum Notepad girl noodles ramen floral butterfly plant notepad

Garden of Yum Notepad


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
bibi carpintero
Love it

It is so beautiful I love the stickers in the whole design so happy with it

Diana Bland
Looved the Stickers

I personally have the Cute pack sub but when I saw the preview for the Pop pack with noodles and plants, I just HAD to buy it as well!

Victoria Ashton

Exciting and unique graphics. Some stickers take you back to the 60’s & 70’s. I also love the ones with shops and homes, giving you a tiny look at their architecture. The references to ramen noodles will make you hungry! You also get a cute ramen clear stamp and pretty pad of paper of a girl eating ramen.